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A Cornucopia of Commentary

Posted by rutimizrachi on 23/11/2008

Yom rishon, 25 Cheshvan 5769.

This week’s rich harvest of opinion and reportage is in.  Look at some of the wonderful writing for which we can be grateful.  Heveil Havalim #192: The Thanks and Giving Edition is up at Ima on (and off) the Bima.

A hearty welcome aboard to my dear friend, “Dr. Aliyah.”  Her writing about her love for Eretz Yisrael and her longing for the Geula always inspires me.  If you haven’t yet visited her blog, now is a chance to do so.  “Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop” puts some perspective on the global financial crisis, and how it effects at least one family’s outlook on aliyah.

Whether Thanksgiving is your thing or not, it never hurts to be reminded that hoda’ah is the key to contentment.  Hodu Lashem ki Tov, ki l’Olam Chasdo!

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