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You may be a settler if…

Posted by rutimizrachi on 05/10/2008

Yom rishon, 6 Tishrei 5769.

Recently, Yisrael Medad posted (or reposted) an entertaining diversion which I enjoyed very much. My guys, being in touch with their “You may be a redneck” selves, got quite the kick out of it. I understand it now; and I know I wouldn’t have gotten most of the jokes last year. Go ahead. Test yourself. I’ll wait…


As Sukkot approaches, as with other yomim tovim, I am enjoying the uniquely Israeli (and sometimes uniquely over-the-Green-Line) ways of doing things. As we know, as Rosh Hashana approaches, a Jewish man’s fancy turns to sukkah building.

The Dearly Beloved has been eyeing a piece of wood near the “Box Shul” for several days. “Hmmmm,” he said to me this morning, “if that piece of wood is still there after davening, it would look right nice as a wall panel for this here sukkah.” (It is interesting that The Dearly Beloved, who grew up in the midwest, sounds like he grew up in Hapeville, Georgia, at moments like this.)

Noticing he was empty-handed when he returned from shul, I casually asked, “Nu? What happened with the sukkah panel?”

“The early davener gets the wood,” he answered glumly.

I felt very bad for him, especially since this loss came on the heels of last week’s near international incident. He had spotted a clearly ownerless panel, and began to make off with it.
Apparently, the Arab builders felt they had previous dibs on the wood. “I can’t believe they use this kind of poor-quality junk for building our houses,” he snorted at me. “Why, I wouldn’t even use stuff like that for a sukkah.” I thought it politic to move on to other topics.

Happily, The Dearly Beloved is not easily daunted in his mission. “You know… that rusted metal door has been there for a while. If it’s still there tomorrow…”

You may be a settler if any piece of wood, metal, fabric or plastic looks mighty interesting, come sukkah-building season.

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