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Hey, Nauru: I like you, too!

Posted by rutimizrachi on 18/01/2009

Yom rishon, 22 Tevet 5769.

Life stays interesting here in Israel.
What would you do if your two best friends in the whole world — in fact, your only friends — were this really, really big rich guy, who is ambivalent about his feelings of support for you, and this little teeny kid who, though he’s 100% behind you, makes a 98-pound weakling look hefty?
The big, wishy-washy guy is the US, of course.  But you probably never heard of the little guy.  Meet Nauru, the only other nation in the world that voted against the bizarre cease-fire arrangement on the grounds that it wasn’t fair to Israel.
Check out this issue of Haveil Havalim, hosted by Mordechai at The Rebbetzin’s Husband, for a more thorough history of this interesting and brave little ally of Israel.  He calls this the I-love-Nauru Edition.
If the Dearly Beloved and I willingly travel outside Israel for a vacation, Nauru looks pretty good to us.  How can you not want to visit a place who’s motto is “God’s Will First”?

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