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Daven well. Bring Moshiach.

Posted by rutimizrachi on 06/01/2009

Yom revi’i, 11 Tevet 5769.

For years, I have sent my guys out the door with those cheerful words.  “Daven well.  Bring Moshiach!”

It’s been a way of centering them.

Of course, being (sometimes) serious young men, they were often daunted by this assignment.  Back in the States, I would get doubtful feedback.

“Sure, Ema.  No pressure.” 

“Uh, maybe you could task me with something a little more up my alley.  Say, cleaning the entire house for Pesach by myself?”

“Geez, Ema.  You really know how to depress a guy.”

Then, Yeshiva Bochur came back to Baltimore for a visit.  In the morning, I sent them out the door with my usual, “Daven well.  Bring Moshiach.”

“Pack your bags,” he said, as he went out the door.

Now THAT is the kind of confidence this generation needs.  You go, boy!

(Now that we’re living in Israel, The Dearly Beloved will sometimes respond, “‘Pack your bags!’  Oh, yeah.  That’s right.  You’re already here.  I crack myself up…”)

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