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Driver’s Ed, Yishuv-Style

Posted by rutimizrachi on 21/06/2009

Yom rishon, 29 Sivan 5769.

Driver’s education starts very young in Neve Daniel.  There is so much to learn, waiting until a person is 15 or 16 is just too much of a gamble.  What with all those signs in Hebrew — we expect them to learn this language so young! — and dealing with drivers who clearly grew up with a culturally different set of rules of the road — Arabs think nothing of driving on the highway using a method that would have been considered “playing chicken” in my day — driver’s training really must begin right alongside toilet training.

As always, Israeli inventiveness keeps us ahead of the game.  Since teaching one’s teenager to drive using the security road is frowned upon (you haven’t experienced the Gush until you’ve had Yoel pull you aside for unauthorized security-road driving, or been arrested for climbing the water tower… but that’s another post) — we’ll have to check with the local gan to see if they have a car big enough for Stunt Man.

Drive responsibly, kids.  And remember that famous slogan from the Old Country:  “Friends don’t let friends drive junk.”

The latest edition of Haveil Havelim, #222: The The The The The Edition, is available at The Real Shliach’s blog.  It is a great way to get a sampling of the Jewish Blogosphere — and for my money, the first place to go for “what is really happening” in Israel and on the Jewish scene in general (along with IMRA: Middle East News & Analysis).  Speaking of not driving junk — there is no excuse anymore to rely on the MSM for your Jewish news.

Yoel:  Neve Daniel’s long-suffering head of security
Gan:  kindergarten
Closing Baltimore-insider joke:  Great slogan used by Maven Motors.  Second in coolness only to the Brody Brothers’ extermination company slogan:  “Nice Jewish boys, licensed to kill.”

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