Ki Yachol Nuchal!

New olah; mom and wife. In small ways, every day, trying to rectify the error in judgement of my zaydies, the meraglim. "See these big grapes? We can make really big wine!"

Yishuv Car Pool

Posted by rutimizrachi on 24/05/2009

Yom rishon, 1Sivan 5769, Rosh Chodesh.

Haveil Haveilim (No Number, No Name Edition) appears at Benji’s place, “What War Zone???“.  B’ima sheli!  Benji can be funny; but if you feed him chumous, he can be convinced to just sit quietly and behave.  Here, Benji!  Sit, boy!  Sit!

2 Responses to “Yishuv Car Pool”

  1. sparrow said

    What a great set of pictures with a very witty caption. I can just hear all the kids chattering as they come out!

  2. rutimizrachi said

    Back in Baltimore, car pool was such a way of life that I expected each family to be issued a station wagon or mini-van upon arrival to the city.

    A small-town girl at heart, I am very happy to be able to walk my entire town, rather than drive it.

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