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Posted by rutimizrachi on 21/05/2009

Yom chamishi, 27 Iyar 5769.  Yom Yerushalayim mukdam (early, so as not to conflict with erev Shabbat).

“US Sec’y of State Hillary Clinton reiterated on Tuesday the US stance that Israel must halt its settlement activity on the West Bank:  ‘We want to see a stop to settlement construction — additions, natural growth — any kind of settlement activity.  That is what the President has called for.'” (quote transcribed from the broadcast of  JerusalemOnline news for 20 May 2009)

Just to put this in perspective, this means that the US government demands requests that Israel force my neighbor to stop building the house he has already paid for and received permits to build; that Israel prevent my landlord from adding an addition onto his house; that Israel mandate that my children not live in my community when they grow up and move out on their own.  I am guessing that — temporarily, at least — Barack Hussein and Hillary would not mind if we do these things in Tel Aviv.  Just not out here in the Judean Hills (from the same shoresh as “Jew”), or in the Shomron, or in certain parts of Jerusalem…

Aize chutzpah!

In contrast, a little recent history, a reminder of why we don’t have the right to give up this precious moresha:

Hat tip:  Tsila Kahane

And because laughing is better than crying, and perspective (especially set to music) is important, please drop by Walt Handelsman’s blog for a little animated “Recession Sing-A-Long” here. Hat tip to the Israel White House.

“And don’t forget: finances can be a worry back in America as well! I think it more sensible to live in the land about which is said ‘the Eyes of God are upon it’ since He’s the One who holds the purse strings anyway.”  (Riva Pomerantz, from her article “Aliyah without Regrets,” published at Hat tip to Rebbetzin Doctor Rivkah Lambert Adler

Look, mamaleh…  If it’s bad there, and it’s crazy here…  Why not be crazy with your family?

Daniella Tikva says, “Come Home!  It’s a great place for kids!  And don’t forget to say ‘Tefilat Ha-Shelah Ha-Kadosh‘ for me and my dor!”

Mukdam:  early
West Bank:  a silly, made-up term that has caught on in the MSM that refers to Yehuda and Shomron and ‘Aza, Biblically-recognized as having been bequeathed to the children of Israel from Hashem
Aize chutzpah!  “What cheek!” is as close as I can get.  Remind me to tell you the best definition for chutzpah sometime.
Moresha:  inheritance
Mamaleh:  a term of endearment — “little mother” —  used for females mostly, but sometimes for males as well
Tefilat Ha-Shelah Ha-Kadosh:  a prayer made by a very great man, said (especially) at this time of year, that one’s children should cleave to Hashem and to Torah
Dor:  generation

6 Responses to “Contrasts”

  1. Hillel Levin said

    Great Sis. Chag Samayech


  2. sandra said

    That video was so beautiful; it went straight to the heart. Thanks.

  3. Ye'he Sh'mey Raba Mevorach said

    Bli ayn hara pu pu pu she is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

  4. the sabra said

    Ok, I’m like so gonna eat that kid.

  5. Joy said

    She’s beautiful…and a twinkle in her eye – could be trouble! 🙂

  6. sparrow said

    What a gorgeous smudgkin! Just want to kiss that nose all over!

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