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Seeking a colorful life among friends in the Holy Land.

Posted by rutimizrachi on 08/03/2009

Yom rishon, 12 Adar 5769.

The sign says “Please stop at the gate and say hello to the guard.”

There are a lot of reasons to love Neve Daniel.  There are a lot of reasons to love the LNO (one of the local online chat lists).  And there are a lot of reasons to love Purim.

Here’s what it looks like when all three get delightfully together.

Does anyone know of a costume store or Gemach in the Jerusalem area?

Does anyone have native American squaw moccasins size 8/40 women?

Anyone have a man’s necklace we can borrow for Purim? And/or a devil’s
pitchfork? Red trousers for a 13 year old boy?

Does anyone have a pirate patch we could borrow please?

I need a cane for Purim — does anyone have one to loan?
Oh — will whoever borrowed the pirates and Indian costumes last year please let me know who you are — I did not write it down, and though I do not need them, several people have asked to use them this year. May we all have a great PURIM!!!

Does anyone have a revolver or gun I can borrow?

Oops!  Forgot the most important word:
Does anyone have a TOY revolver or gun I can borrow for Purim???

I’m still looking for a chickie or duck costume for a 1 year old.
Anyone have one to lend?

Anybody have Chinese or Japanese costume materials for an eight year old girl to borrow?     

Don’t forget that today in the Ulam Semachot from 4pm is Ipur-Purim.

There will be make-up artists to make up the kids’ faces, and other activities such as costume and gragger making.

Does anyone have a turtle/tortoise costume that I can borrow for this
Wednesday? (Size 10/12)

Anybody have a Minnie Mouse costume for an eight year old? Or maybe pieces of a costume?
Mickey Mouse ears?

Anyone have a size 4/5 or a size 6/7 lion costume (or a 6/7 monkey costume)
that we could borrow?

 looking to borrow fireman or cowboy costume for an almost 5 year old boy

Yonatan wants to dress up as a chassid or Matisyahu.
Have you got square glasses or a jacket/coat thing that will look like a bekeshe??

Does anyone have a costume that we can borrow for Purim…about 12 month size?  Nothing hazardous or too uncomfortable.  If anyone has a lion or bear costume, that would be ideal.  Alternatively, does anyone have ideas for a simple home-made baby costume?

Last minute costume request – nothing in my shoe collection seems to fit the classic, conservative look of early 1900’s England, go figure.

If anyone has a size (US) 7-8 pair of semi-heeled, closed dressy shoes (not sandals)  that I could borrow for the week it would be much appreciated.

I’ll take any color – gray, black, red, white – somewhat desperate here.

It is my prayer that everyone found what he or she needed to complete these no doubt interesting and colorful ensembles.  And that I may be blessed to watch this delightful costume parade every year, for many years.

Gemach:  “store” offering free or very low-cost items or services, usually for special occasions or purposes
Ulam Semachot:  “Simcha Hall”; community meeting hall
Ipur:  make-up

Chassid:  in this case, a Jew dressed in traditional Eastern European garb, consisting of a long coat, hat, and side curls
Mattisyahu:  important character in Jewish history
Bekeshe:  long black coat worn by various sects of Jews of European descent

6 Responses to “Seeking a colorful life among friends in the Holy Land.”

  1. Baila said

    I like that!

  2. Schvach said

    Have a yoffie great Purim – Chag Sameach!!!

  3. Yarden said

    Anyone have a shoulder I could borrow?

  4. Laura said

    you said it Ruti! we live in a truly wonderful place.

  5. dan said

    great post ruti! you forgot to mention how quickly and lovingly you receive the things you are looking for 🙂
    purim sameach! dassi jacobson (mother of the moccasin seeker)

  6. the sabra said

    Ooooh I love it!!
    I love us Jews, I really do.
    And Israelis…

    (sigh of content)

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