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Nineteen degrees is nice in Neve Daniel. I’m just saying…

Posted by rutimizrachi on 24/11/2008

Yom sheni, 26 Cheshvan 5769.

Today is one of those days that reminds me of some of the physical aspects I love about living here in Israel, especially on “my mountain.”  (Even though there are no Cascades or Rockies here, Neve Daniel — at 997 meters above sea-level — is the highest-elevation community in the country.)

At a crisp 66.2 degrees Farenheit, it is a good day to have a bite of breakfast outside. 

Dear Baltimore Homies (who have not yet decided that it’s time to be moving to warmer climes):

Is that YOUR house going up in my back yard?  Looking forward to seeing your name beside the door.

 Time to sit outside and learn a little Mesillat Yesharim with my best friend.  Join us for coffee and a learning seder soon?

7 Responses to “Nineteen degrees is nice in Neve Daniel. I’m just saying…”

  1. Jack said

    66.2 degrees

    That is cold.

  2. rutimizrachi said

    Jack, Jack, Jack… Perspective is everything. Unless you live in Florida or Yuma, Arizona, 66 degrees is not your usual late-November weather. In Baltimore, for instance, it’s a cozy 26.

  3. Charlie Shrem said

    ooh thats a beautiful pic, I hope to eat a meal and learn with you guys soon!!

  4. rutimizrachi said

    Thanks, Charlie. We are looking forward to feeding you, and to learning as well!

  5. Baila said

    When my daughter told me yesterday that she was cold, I laughed my head off. “Put some socks on and go check the temperature in NY”. I actually wore a sweater to wor today, but left it in the car because it was to warm by the time I drove to work (10 minutes from the house).

  6. Jack said

    Los Angeles isn’t exactly the Arctic.

  7. rutimizrachi said

    At least you’re stranded in the chill of Galut with some very fine Yidden, Jack.

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