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Today, you don’t want to read my blog…

Posted by rutimizrachi on 16/11/2008

Yom rishon, 17 Cheshvan 5769.

…You want to read everybody else’s.  Check out the “Mama Rachel Edition” of Haveil Havalim.  Hosted this week by my friend and fellow obstacle-to-peace, West Bank Mama.

Lots of well-written stuff, by folks on the front lines of Jewish life in Israel, as well as some very nice stuff by people still stuck in Chu”l* who love us.

Until you can come and be here with us (and even after!), this is the best place to stay up-to-date with “the real scoop,” IMHO.


*BTW, if you are a writer (Rivkah, Shprintz, Mordechai, Josh, and the rest of you), and you haven’t submitted anything to Haveil Havalim yet — get with the program!  This is a nice way to let people see your stuff.  Why deprive the world of your wisdom?

3 Responses to “Today, you don’t want to read my blog…”

  1. the sabra said

    Chopped Liver here will take it that she falls in the Wisdom AND Wit category..and will wait patiently for her invite.

  2. rutimizrachi said

    Dearest Chopped Liver,

    I made the assumption that — since you have been a blogista for quite a while — you would have had the wisdom to have submitted something by now. So, I guess you just get it in the Wit category.


    Talk to ya.

  3. the sabra said

    pfffffff that will FOREVER make me laugh!

    That, and when my brother says “cry cry” to me when I’m in a bad mood. LOL

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