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Haveil Havalim #189 Hits the Stands!

Posted by rutimizrachi on 02/11/2008

Yom rishon, 4 Cheshvan 5769.


I have a pretty good idea of when the nations and their media (and even our own, sadly) are going to give Israel and the Jewish people fair representation.

If you are a fan of, and wish there were a Jewish version, check out Haveil Havalim. The latest collection, “The Election Edition,” is presented beautifully by Ben-Yehudah at Esser Agaroth.

Getting my commentary from the Jewish Blogosphere was a great way to wean myself from the misinformation of the MSM. Haveil Havalim is the best place to start.

One Response to “Haveil Havalim #189 Hits the Stands!”

  1. Goldwasser Story said

    may we win this election

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